Meet Your Fish Monger: Lauren

Name: Lauren Bitting-Ellis

Company Role: General Manager

What do you like about working at JB Kelly Seafood Connection?: I enjoy the friendships that occur within our company and sense of community with the markets we are at. I enjoy quality seafood, having access to it, and being able to bring that excitement to others especially in a land-locked state.

What’s your favorite seafood and way to prepare it?: Oh man. That depends on my mood. I will never turn down enjoying a whole lobster or oysters- I’ve prepared both a myriad of ways, but the simplicity of a cold lobster dipped in warm butter, or a freshly shucked oyster with a squeeze of lemon is hard to beat.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?: By nature I’m a night owl, by profession I’m an early bird, just a slightly cranky and not too with it one.

What was your first paying job?: My first two paying jobs that both began around a similar time were landscaping my grandparents farm- moreover their many flower beds, and teaching dance and gymnastics to 3-12 year olds at the local YMCA.

What’s the best concert you’ve been to?: Way too difficult of a choice. Top 5 in no particular order: Link Wray at Tramps in NYC 1997, Radio Head at Madison Square Garden 2019, Raconteurs St Augustine FL Amphitheater 2019, Iggy Pop Wetlands 2008, and Fugazi Stratford Rex UK 1999

Do you have any pets?: Yes- Huxley and William are Florida Swamp Mutt brothers, and Selket who is a rescue kitty.

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