Probable Available Seafood & Price List





Summer 2016

Wild caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon    Whole Fillet or 9oz fillet cutlet
Market price
On sale this week
8oz fillet cutlet for $10
$16 per lb on whole fillet

We will be carrying all 5 wild Alaskan salmon species throughout the season

Fresh Jumbo "Dry” Sea Scallops

6.5 ounce unit


Wild Caught

Untreated Fresh Day boats

Best Scallops on the Market

Fresh Whole Black Sea Bass
if available
Market price sold whole fish Wild caught Atlantic

Fresh Atlantic Cobia fillet $10 unit 9 oz Fresh landed

Fresh Atlantic Monkfish fillet $10 unit 10 oz Poor mans lobster

Wild caught Maine Quahog Clams 
20 count

 $10/20 count
Best Clams on the planet!

Picked Maine Jonah Crab              

5.3 ounce unit or


            "Maine Wild Caught and ready to eat""

Fresh Picked Lobstermeat
"Coming in June"

1/5 lb $10 -- 1/5 lb All claw and Knuckle

Whole Maine Lobster 
Pre-order to ensure availability
text 717-571-7698 with name pick up venue and requested number of lobsters

            (1.13-1.25 lb average)
             Market Price        
               "Maine Wild Caught"  

Wild caught Domestic Gulf Shrimp 
 10 count bags
 $10 for 10 count     
 On Sale $80/5lb box  
 Extra Jumbo size 16/20 per lb  Flash frozen at sea and thawed at market

Fresh Atlantic Cod fillet

         10 oz unit  $10/10oz Skinless and boneless fillets

Fresh Grade #1 Sushi Tuna
"If available"

         4 oz unit $10/4.5 oz Fresh, wild caught, fatty, clean and amazing!!!

Jumbo Alaskan King Crab Legs "Must Pre-order"   leg average one pound each  $30/lb Biggest Legs available 

Live Wild Blue Mussels

2.5 lb unit $10/2.5lb Jumbo Massachusetts wild caught 

Fresh Thresher or Mako Shark

Boneless Steaks 12 oz steak for $10 Our favorite shark


Our Gourmet Lobster Mac
If Available
$10/9 oz Made with our Maine lobsters  

Bacon wrapped scallops on a stick $10/a stick Five hardwood and smoked bacon wrapped scallops on a stick simply bake or broil for your New Years Party

Various smoked fish and smoked fish spreads $10 units
Salmon, sword, Tuna,
Cod and Haddock 
Naturally cured and hickory smoked

Fresh Sushi Grade Tuna Shooters

Nirvana in a shot glass!!        $2 a shot Our Fresh 2+ grade Sushi Tuna Served in a shot glass with a splash of Ginger, Wasabi & Soy Sauce.