How to preorder seafood at J.B.Kelly Seafood Connection.

Look at our planned hauls/events on our webpage found at: ( or follow us on our Facebook page found @ jbkellyseafoodconnection

Then simply text medirectly at (717-571-7698). It's that easy!
If you don't text you can also email your preorders to

Try to have all preorders in at least 4 days prior to the scheduled event/venue. Add-on's and late orders are always welcome but not guaranteed after the due date. I will confirm if extra product is available or not.

Pricing: Our seafood prices fluctuate from haul to haul & season to season but here is a guide of the highs and lows for each product in the past year.

Maine Lobster- $10-$18 each
Fresh Dry Scallops- $10/7 oz unit
Live Quahog Clams-$20/50 ct
Fresh Jonah crabmeat- $13/8 oz unit
Fresh Haddock- $10/12 oz unit
Fresh Cod- $10/10 oz unit
Fresh Hake- $10/12 oz unit

Fresh Cusk- $10/10 oz unit
Fresh Pollock- $10/14 oz unit
Fresh Atlantic Redfish- $10/8 oz unit
Live Blue Mussels-$10/2.5 lbs
Fresh Swordfish- $10/10 oz unit
Fresh Sushi Grade Tuna- $10/5 oz unit
Fresh Thresher Shark- $10/10 oz unit
Fresh Atlantic Halibut- $10/6 oz unit

Fresh picked lobster claw and knuckle meat- $15/6 oz unit

Wild Gulf Shrimp (ex-jumbo)- $10/10 shrimp

Fresh Shucked Select Oysters- $10/7 oz unit

When texting or emailing your order.......Please include your name, venue & date of pick up and desired seafood you'd like to order. I will send back a confirmation text ASAP.

You can pay with cash or credit card at pick-up. If you need to cancel your order, please try to give me 24 hour notice, so I can find a new home for the canceled order

Thanks for reading, John Kelly