Just before the birth of my son in 2003, I was looking to go on a pre-fatherhood solo adventure trip that involved  nothing more than a long drive with my canoe, paddle, backpack and fishing/camping equipment. Without a  destination, I went to the local paddle shop in Marysville (Blue Mountain Outfitters), to inquire about possible "off  the beaten path” paddling areas. Once there, I chose three atlases and did a simple process of elimination  (Eenie, meenie, miny, moe, to be exact) in order to pick out my basic direction of travel. I was looking for a state with a plentiful amount of water and coastline!! I narrowed my three choices down to Michigan, Minnesota and Maine. Total qua-incidence they all started with the letter "M".   As you would have guessed by now, Maine was the random winner. I then turned  the atlas over and threw a dart blindly at the state map on the back of the atlas with my opposite throwing hand. The dart landed in the mid-coast area of Maine near where the mighty Kennebec River dumps into the Northwestern Atlantic Ocean.  A pristine area well known for its friendly people, great paddling and fishing!


After figuring out a destination, I loaded up all my gear and headed North with no itinerary. Everything I had for the week fit into a medium sized backpack. As far as a time frame…. I figured to have about eight days to explore the area. It was an exciting "go with the flow” adventure that brought lots of great fishing, hiking, paddling and solitude. Along my travels, I met a lot of the local fishermen while paddling my canoe along the rugged coastline in search of striped bass on ultra-light tackle. They knew right away that I wasn't a local and inquired what had brought me there. My simple answer was always "the fishing”. In the years to follow, I found myself longing to be in Maine every time I had a chance to travel.


Being a teacher at a local private school by trade, I had my summers off and found myself in Maine 3-4 times a year. Each trip up, I would bring enough seafood home for friends and family to offset the cost of fuel and other basic expenses. Soon I found the need to buy more coolers and even a trailer to keep up with the demand of fresh caught Maine seafood. Upon realizing that the seafood business was what I wanted to do for a living, I left my teaching gig for greener pastures. In the past couple of years, I've acquired all the certifications, permits, licenses and insurances needed to run a full-time seafood business and now run or source my seafood out of Maine, the Eastern seaboard, Alaska or the Gulf of Mexico every week of the year.


Our mission/goal is to bring you the freshest and highest quality and affordable seafood directly from the wharf's of Maine to your dinner plate. We operate rotational venue sites, which include several local farmers markets, seasonal festivals, area wineries and our home base "The Broad Street Market" in Harrisburg where our storefront is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday (7am-5pm). We try to buy directly from the fishermen and sell to you 12-36 hours after the fish are caught in the Atlantic Ocean. By doing this, we cut out the middleman, which keeps your seafood fresher and more affordable. With adequate notice, we can accommodate all of your seafood orders, no matter how large or small.


All of our seafood is "Wild Caught" and "Domestic"!!! Nothing we carry is imported or packaged in China, India or Japan!!! We carry various types of North Atlantic fish species that are harvested responsibly, legally and sustainibly. We also source some of our seafoods out of Alaska (Salmon & King Crab) and the Gulf of Mexico (Wild caught Texas Brown Shrimp). If you’re looking for a specific kind of fish, let us know. We have access to Cod, Haddock, Hake, Pollock, Cusk, Sole/Flounder, Atlantic Redfish, Mackerel, Whiting, Shad, Smelt, Swordfish, Sushi Grade Tuna, Atlantic Halibut, Mako shark, Wolf fish, Turbot, Monkfish and many others. Availability and price is usually based on supply/demand and the season.


Our lobsters always have two claws and are soft/new shelled "shedders" in late Spring, Summer and early Fall. Hard/old shelled in Late Fall, Winter and early Spring. Shedders are sweeter and easier to pick, while hard shells are packed full of meat. Average Lobsters weigh 1.25 Lbs. We’ll even steam your lobsters in Atlantic Ocean water, free of charge!



We love to educate our customers on the seafood they're eating, so please feel free ask us questions! We are happy to suggest ways of cooking your seafood, and we provide lobster eating instructions with all lobster dinner purchases.  Thank you to all of our seafood-loving customers for your support, we look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming hauls! 


Thanks for reading, John B Kelly IV